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Published on 17 March 2017

Technical Training in Cyprus

FirePro held a technical training for partners at the FirePro Manufacturing Facility in Cyprus, from 13th until 16th March. The attendees included Directors, Business Development Managers and Engineers from Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Norway and Italy.

The four-day event comprised of a number of activities, starting with an introduction to the company and the FirePro technology by Business Development Managers Demetris Constantinou and Andreas Elia. This was followed by a breakdown of technology standards and relevant FirePro certificates by FirePro Executive Director, Dr. Gianfilippi De Parenti. Senior Technical Engineer Loucas Michaelides held a technical training on the FirePro product lines, designs and applications, allowing time for an open discussion for participants to ask technical questions.

Attendees were also taken to on-site locations, to visit installations of FirePro equipment in electrical substations, control rooms and battery rooms. This was followed by a factory visit and tour, where participants witnessed a live demonstration of a fire extinguishing test. The event culminated with a wrap up by Business Development Managers George Michael and Andreas Elia, and a presentation of FirePro Authorized Training Certificates for each attendee.

FirePro would like to thank its partners for attending the Technical Training in Cyprus, and we look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration going forward.