Management Team
With unparalleled depth of knowledge in fire suppression, our leadership is focused on applicable R&D and constant innovation that focuses on the smartest methods in protecting the environment, people and what's important to them.

Loucas Michaelides

Senior Engineering Manager

Loucas’ robust educational background encompasses a Bachelor's in Electronic Systems Engineering, a Masters in Telecommunication & Information Systems. His journey with FirePro commenced in 2011, and since then, he has become an indispensable asset to our organization. Loucas oversees critical functions such as technical trainings, research and development (R&D), system design, rigorous testing, and providing essential technical support. He actively participates as a member in renowned professional bodies, including the I.E.E.E., European Committee on Fixed Fire-Fighting Systems CEN/TC 191, and European Committee on Automatic Fire Detection Systems and Fire Alarm CEN/TC 72.

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