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Published on 28 September 2018

FirePro joins Pyrodomiki Chandrinos

FirePro dealer in Greece, Pyrodomiki Chandrinos, is a highly respected company specializing in fire extinguishing, fire detection and suppression systems located in Kalamata in the south of Greece with a 35-year history.

On 11th - 12th September FirePro Hellas General Manager, Mr. Nikolaos Argyropoulos, and Technical Manager Mr. Ioannis Zannakis teamed up with Mr. Panagiotis Chandrinos, proprietor of Pyrodomiki Chandrinos for a series of presentations and live demonstrations at the Elite City Resort Hotel to further widen the FirePro technology and product awareness.

The targeted audiences included local influential, key customers, specifiers - consultant engineers and the fire brigade. Mr. Nikolaos Argyropoulos presented the latest FirePro Aerosol Technology designs according to the Fire Brigade FEK3149 (CEN/TR15276, ISO15779) & UL2775 – NFPA2010 Standards, and also answered a host of participants’ questions.

FirePro Hellas wishes to thank Mr. Panagiotis Chandrinos and his team - a valued member of the FirePro family - for their outstanding efforts, organization, hospitality, support and trust in the FirePro team and brand.