Management Team
With unparalleled depth of knowledge in fire suppression, our leadership is focused on applicable R&D and constant innovation that focuses on the smartest methods in protecting the environment, people and what's important to them.

Nikos Argyropoulos

Business Development Manager

Nikos holds a Bachelor of Science in Technology & Management from the University of Bradford and a Masters in International Business from Brunel. He loves to play various musical instruments, learn new languages and travel the world.

He has wide experience in international sales, business development and consulting in the engineering sector and has worked for European corporations like Leon Engineering S.A., Ellactor Group, and Cooper Univel S.A.

As FirePro’s Business Development Manager he incorporates a number of tasks and processes aiming at developing and implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations in both Europe and Americas. Moreover, he is the General Manager of FirePro Hellas S.A. a subsidiary of FirePro Systems in Greece.


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