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Published on 15 October 2011

Convention 2011

FirePro Worldwide Distributors’ Convention 2011 – More Than Just a Success
FirePro  Systems  held its 2011 Worldwide Distributors’ Convention during 13 – 15 October 2011.
Some 50 participants from Distributors in every continent of the globe gathered in Cyprus for this convention. An incredible turn-around that clearly demonstrates commitment and contribution from the Distributors, faith in our unique aerosol products, and belief in  FirePro .
The convention included a special programme consisting of presentations, interactive sessions, updates on product development, new FirePro Listings/Certificates, updates on the international standards scene, awards for outstanding performance, and much more. A visit to the new factory of FirePro  , and with live demos, was also arranged.
The convention, something very sacred to FirePro and its Distributors, brought everyone together to share experiences, knowledge and exchange views and ideas in the fire fighting industry. During the convention, a fantastic excursion on a catamaran was also arranged, producing an amazing atmosphere by everyone.
The uniqueness of the convention, though professional, was its special carefully thought-of approach, creating a close family atmosphere, making everyone relaxed and feeling very much at home. Adding to the atmosphere, was the warm hospitality that was offered by FirePro , a comment made unanimously by all Distributors; an event that they said would remain unforgettable, and talked about for many years to come.
A huge Thank You to our Distributors’ contribution, and hard earned efforts for making this event into a remarkable success. Our Distributors are convinced of the many rewards found beyond the horizon, for they venture out there to save lives and to protect your properties and assets against fire using FirePro Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Systems.
Also a huge thank you for the presence of Mr Luciano Borghetti of Hughes Associates Europe.
FirePro goes from Strength to Strength.