Drive. Passion. Dedication.

FirePro is proud to announce its support to the sprinter Lykourgos-Stefanos Tsakonas, who shares the same drive, passion and dedication with our company.
About the Athlete

Born in Sparta, the land of the legendary king Leonidas and his 300 brave Spartan soldiers, Lykourgos-Stefanos Tsakonas knows exactly where hard work and strong dedication can take you.

FirePro understands that great things take time, energy and dedication to accomplish and that is why it supports people who pursue with passion what they love. Lykourgos' performances on the track field are impressive and include first place position in many competitions.

He has won gold metals at the:

European U23 Championships in Ostrava in 2011
Mediterranean Games in Mersin in 2013
Golden Gala IAAF Diamond League in Rome in 2015
Great CityGames in Manchester in 2017
Panhellenic Athletics Championships in Patra in 2017

He also won the silver medal at the:

European Championships in Helsinki in 2012

The passion continues…