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Published on 10 February 2017

Seminar for Ministry of Health in Iraq

FirePro Iraq, the official business partner for FirePro, the leader in Condensed Aerosol Technology, hosted a successful seminar at the Ministry of Health in Iraq, in the presence of more than 35 engineers. The purpose of the seminar was to present the entire range of FirePro products and solutions to the Ministry of Health and other key stakeholders, and provide information on the variety of ways in which FirePro can assist with upcoming projects.

The engineers in attendance were from various Offices and Departments, including the Ministry of Civil Defense, the Projects and Engineering Services Department, the Training and Development Department, the Technical Department, and the Medical Safety Affairs Department. Following the seminar, FirePro Iraq held productive meetings with Ministry engineers and discussed the possibility of utilizing FirePro designs and solutions for new and upcoming projects within the different departments of the Ministry.

The seminar and subsequent discussions were a great success, and this was expressed by the Iraq Ministry of Health's Training and Development Department Manager. Later, the FirePro representatives performed a lecture at an upcoming conference relating to Fire Prevention in Hospitals, in the presence of various members of the Health Governorate.

FirePro Systems would like to commend its partner FirePro Iraq for their meticulous efforts to enhance the company image within the region by creating significant market awareness through penetration into a range of markets, and for using their technical skills and expertise to pursue and acquire important projects. FirePro Iraq is well on its way to becoming the leader in fire suppression in Iraq.