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Published on 14 April 2020

Open Letter from our Executive Chairman

Open Letter from our Executive Chairman

Navigating COVID-19

As we are facing an issue of colossal human impact, our hearts go out to everyone who has been directly affected by the pandemic. Guided by our mission and values, we march on with courage and caution while constantly remaining informed to science-based information. We believe our role during this pandemic is to be able to achieve two things: protect the well-being of our personnel and maintain a key role in protecting precious resources, people and facilities from fire. It is our duty, as humanity struggles.

Over the past few weeks, we have taken a series of precautionary steps in response to this unfolding public health hazard, including increased cleaning and sanitation across our entire operations. We have also endorsed work from home for those who are able to practise this, while continuing to offer all our services and business support. Moreover, we have equipped our Technical and Production Teams with protective equipment in order to be able to continue their mission and daily operations.

As we navigate through this ever-changing situation from country-to-country and client-to client, we adapt by enabling remote support. Also, while we maintain our operations across the globe, we are suspending all international business travel. Wherever is needed we are holding virtual meetings.

It is truly inspiring to witness the efforts of our business partners around the world who are rising to the occasion. We are committed to working closely with you to ensure the continuity of your business. We are here to listen to you and are committed to being nimble and innovative. We are all ready to serve you and look forward to leaving the worst behind us.

Over the last 20 years, we have grown together by displaying care and support for each other to overcome difficult situations. You can rest assured that we will remain transparent and supportive to enable us to emerge even stronger from this uncertain situation. It is literally in our hands.

In conclusion, I personally, and my colleagues here at HQ thank you for your resilience and perseverance and urge you to #StaySafe.

Evelthon Avgousti
Executive Chairman & Chief Global Strategist