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FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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How FirePro supports various industries and their involvement with fire


FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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VELEX System

VELEX Vehicle Fire Suppression System

FirePro’s VELEX Vehicle Fire Suppression system offers fire detection and automatic or manual fire suppression for the protection of various types of vehicles. It works by detecting fire in the engine bay and promptly suppressing it using a unique, eco-friendly dual-extinguishing action (hybrid) system.


1. Control panel
2. Linear Heat Detector (LHD)
3. Stainless steel pipes of 12mm diameter
4. Nozzles & protective caps
5. Extinguishing agent cylinder
6. Fire resistant cable
7. Sounder / Beacon (optional)
8. Flexible feeding line
9. Container of solid compound
Trusted by:

Various Engine Types

• Buses/Coaches
• Service trucks
• Transport vehicles
• Fire engine trucks
• Emergency vehicles
• Recreational vehicles

• Mining equipment
• Construction equipment
• Forestry equipment
• Waste handling equipment
• Material and cargo handling
• Agricultural equipment

Benefits of VELEX System

Non-pressurized Technology

The VELEX fire protection system employs two fire suppression agents. The primary agent, a liquid, is stored at atmospheric pressure in one of the two chambers of the system’s cylinder, with the other remaining empty. A FirePro condensed aerosol generator containing the FPC aerosol forming solid compound, stored also at atmospheric pressure, is connected to the cylinder. Upon detection of fire, the solid compound in the container, is transformed into a highly effective fire suppressing condensed aerosol, which fills the empty chamber of the cylinder. Pressure in the chamber rises only for a few seconds to enable the rodless piston present between the two chambers to discharge the liquid suppression agent. This is dispersed inside the protected enclosure through a network of piping and nozzles into the protected area. When the liquid suppression agent is fully discharged, the FirePro condensed aerosol is itself released through the nozzles further augmenting the suppression process.

R-107 Certified

There are hundreds of buses every year that encounter a fire related incident. Two-thirds of these incidents start in the engine bay and pose a serious danger to passengers. FirePro VELEX is certified in accordance to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Regulation No. 107 (R107), after successfully passing tests defined by the specific protocol. The process includes rigorous tests simulating real-life fire risk scenarios.

Approved by the Federal Motor Vehicle Transport Authority

VELEX holds a type-approval by the Federal Motor Vehicle Transport Authority (KBA) in Germany (107R07/02*0070*00) for use as a fire suppression system for vehicles used for the carriage of more than 8 passengers. KBA contributes towards road safety in Europe and environmental protection across Germany and beyond.

Environmentally Friendly

The liquid suppression agent used in VELEX is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. In addition, it is chemically stable, glycol free and has the right concentration of advanced corrosion inhibitors. The condensed aerosol is produced through the sublimation process of a patented solid forming compound developed with eco-friendly materials. It has zero Global Warming Potential (GWP) and zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

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FirePro technology benefits for vehicles fire suppression

VELEX Vehicle Fire Suppression System offers all the benefits of the FirePro systems to various vehicle engine types.
Dual Suppression
Lowest operating
temperature -30°C
Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015
10 year lifetime
Minimum maintenance

A fire suppression system designed to safeguard your assets.

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