Management Team
With unparalleled depth of knowledge in fire suppression, our leadership is focused on applicable R&D and constant innovation that focuses on the smartest methods in protecting the environment, people and what's important to them.

Charis Economides


Charis was educated in the UK and holds Bachelor’s of Science degrees in Economics, Accounting and Marketing from Brunel University. Initially he worked in the professional and consulting services field for KPMG in London.

Later, and in the course of his career, he served as Director in the road, land and building construction as well as the hotel and tourism Industries in Europe and the Middle East. 

In 1993 his eco-preneurial traits, foreseeing the potential benefits, led him to pioneer the introduction of the Condensed Aerosol technology to the world market thus changing the fire suppression industry forever. 

He is a member of the Consular Corps and the Honorary Consul-General of Sierra Leone.


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