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Published on 10 November 2012

Swedish Fire Brigade Chooses FirePro

Swedish Fire Brigade Chooses FirePro

Major Breakthrough as Swedish Fire Brigade Chooses FirePro Over Other Aerosol Products

Why is the  FirePro range of Manually Operated Generators so popular by the Swedish Fire Brigade ? Richard Qvarfell of X-Fire AB,  FirePro Distributor in Sweden briefly explains.
Sweden boasts among the swiftest and most efficient response time to a fire incident, as this is of paramount importance, and with all concerned, i. e., Fire & Rescue Services, insurance companies, industry, etc, contributing to a fire's effective attendance and extinguishing, thus minimising damage and preventing loss of life.
This is because, fire in modern times is very different to the fires of the past; nowadays, so many electronics, upholstery and other highly flammable materials are present everywhere, and these contribute to such fires spreading easier and faster. Therefore, we must be quick, efficient and effective.
We must be very quick to act in lowering the temperature of fire so that we can buy time until adequate help arrives.
We need an effective fire fighting effort without the kind of damage that occurs when using water; the FirePro  FP-1000M (net 1000 g solid aerosol) is an excellent means of combating blazing fire, and amongst the most effective extinguishing agent per unit weight we have seen so far (99.32 g/m3 of aerosol for Class A Fire - this includes a 30% added safety factor).
The FP-1000M is a hot aerosol with two outlets; once thrown/rolled into a blazing fire, it spreads out faster and is very effective with low sensitivity to thermals in a fire. Each outlet of the FP-1000M has an aerosol discharge length of 3 m; its spin action ensures the quick spread of the aerosol. The FP-1000M can quickly reduce the temperature of a blazing fire (e. g., in a building) from say 400/600 C to 60/70 C in about 3 - 7 minutes. It enables firemen to extinguish the fire far easier, quicker and it makes it safer for themselves, as well as enabling them to reach stranded people with much reduced risk. The FirePro aerosol extinguishes fire chemically, by removing the fire-sustaining free radicals from the flame; it does not remove air/oxygen.
FirePro is also used within the Nuclear Power industry in Sweden, and is also being considered in other major nuclear installations around the world - thus demonstrating the ultimate reliability and safety of FirePro.


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