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Published on 04 December 2018

Securite Lausanne 2018

FirePro participated in cooperation with its Swiss partner Totech Innovation SA in Securite Lausanne 2018 at the Expo Beaulieu Lausanne in Switzerland, between 14th and 16th November.

Securite Lausanne is a biannual trade fair and constitutes the definitive meeting place for the Western Swiss security industry, providing a platform from which professionals in the industry can showcase their products and services. The 3-day fair attracts more than 2000 visitors and 75 exhibitors from the industries of fire protection, industrial safety, and safety technology.

FirePro Senior Business Development Manager Demetris Constantinou joined FirePro Partner Totech Innovation SA to present the FirePro technology, production line and its various applications.

One of the applications is in the Swiss Road Rangers special containers used for transporting electric cars involved in accidents where the risk and implications of fires involving Li-Ion batteries during transportation are acknowledged. The Swiss Authorities recognizing that FirePro offers a complete and certified system to respond and control fires in these situations has adopted its use – such a container with an integrated FirePro System installed was present in the Exhibition hall’s courtyard (courtesy of Blubox / Fire Box) for visitors to view.

FirePro extends its gratitude to Jonathan Bertin, Director of Totech Innovation SA for his support throughout the Exhibition, as well as for his dedication to the FirePro brand.