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Published on 19 December 2016

FirePro Presentation in Iraq

FirePro Iraq, FirePro Systems’ official business partner in Iraq, hosted an event to present FirePro products and solutions in Baghdad.

The event, hosted specifically by Eng. Ayad Hammed, in cooperation with Al-Zawraa State Company, was held in the presence of members of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Interiors Officers, the General Directorate officers for the Iraqi Civil Defense, Border Guard Representatives and Al-Zawraa engineers.

Following the Presentation, two Products Live Demo Tests were successfully conducted. One took place inside a room with a false ceiling, while the other inside a one meter by one meter cubic box. The entire event was broadcast by Afaq Satellite TV Channel, which also hosted interviews with various participants at the event.

FirePro Systems wishes to express its deepest gratitude to Eng. Chasib, Managing Director of Al-Zawraa State Company, and also extend congratulations to Eng. Ayad Hammed for the coordination and presentation of the event, as well as the execution of live demo tests which actively engaged all attendees.

FirePro Iraq is meticulously building the company image by creating significant market awareness and penetrating into different market segments.