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Published on 10 December 2012

Independent Product Certificate from KIWA


FirePro has Independent Product Certificate from KIWA Certifying Compliance to ISO 15779:2011, CEN/TR15276-1 and UL2775.
KIWA NV, Certification and Inspection Authority of the Netherlands, based on a thorough assessment of the tests carried out by FirePro Systems Limited and in accordance with CEN/TR15276-1 and ISO 15779:2011 requirements and test protocols, as well as periodic factory inspections, has issued a New Product Certificate K21477/12  on 11 January 2013, covering the complete range of FirePro models.
As mentioned in the Certificate, page 2 (see below):
Additional listing
The following guidelines are additional listed in this product certificate:

  • ISO 15779, Condensed aerosol fire extinguishing systems - Requirements and test methods for components and system design, installation and maintenance - General requirements (ISO 15779:2011,IDT), December 2011
  • CEN/TR 15276-1, Fixed fire fighting systems - Condensed aerosol extinguishing systems - Part 1: Requirements and test methods for components, February 2009
  • UL subject 2775, outline of investigation for fixed condensed aerosol extinguishing system units, November 5, 2008

Therefore FirePro is in full compliance with the relevant International Standards on the condensed aerosol technology:
CEN/TR15276, ISO15779 and UL2775 (for which it is Certified/Listed by UL)
FirePro through its commitment to progress and improvement strives to be in accordance to all International Standards.