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Published on 25 May 2014

FirePro Convention 2014

FirePro Convention 2014
The final words of the Circular dated 1 November 2011 referring to the previous FirePro Convention held in Cyprus read as follows,
“We promise you that the next Convention will be more impressive still, and we hope that more of our distributors and dealers will be able to attend, so that they too may witness and experience the special atmosphere”.
Indeed since the last event, we can say that the latest FirePro Global Distributor Convention was even more successful; the proof: You the FirePro distributors, the FirePro family, your strong presence, your enthusiasm and applauding words.
FirePro warm-heartedly thanks all the Distributors who participated in the FirePro Global Distributor Convention in Athens. We were very happy to see you there and for this we would like to express our deep appreciation. The Convention which gives the opportunity to the distributors – the family of FirePro to get together, to catch up, to exchange experiences ensuring that something special is taken back by all of us.

The programme featured dissemination of new information on product developments, company news, short presentations and seminars and much more. Particularly important were the Chairman’s announcement of FirePro’s continuing success and healthy progress and his emphasis on the necessity of identifying and prioritising industrial/market segmentation, the introduction to the new FirePro staff and Marketing Division and announcement of the enlargement of the production facility that now includes the chemical processing plant for the FirePro Solid Aerosol Forming Compound (FPC). We trust that Dr Yiannis Kalogerakis of JMK Ltd also succeeded in tapping into your inner source of motivational powers! Last but not least, the speach given by Luciano Borghetti of Hughes Associates aptly brought to a close the quality-full programme of presentations. 

As always, the ultimate goal is to bring the Distributors together to share experiences and knowledge, stimulate our desire to venture into markets far beyond, and of course, to solidify further and re-enforce the unique bond between FirePro and the Distributors – one united, strong FirePro Family. Indeed some 60 participants from all continents around the world attended the Athens Convention and this clearly projects the message – loud and clear; The FirePro Family is a power house of commitment, becoming stronger by the day. FirePro fully recognises that the success is equally attributed to the hard efforts and well earned achievements of its persevering Distributors, evident from the informative discussions and  superb presentations made in the course of the convention.
We truly hope that you have benefitted in many ways and have taken back with you much more than what you had expected – a sense of camaraderie and FirePro spirit to further fortify your determination for success and market penetration.
The FirePro family with its boldness and tenacity will continue to climb the ladder of success and to this end FirePro promises and reconfirms its highest assurances of support and assistance to all its Distributors. 
................. and of course, a FirePro Convention is never complete without the superb entertainment and fabulous excursions!​ See you at our next convention!