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Published on 09 March 2022

Fire Protection of Rolling Stock 2022

FirePro participated in the 18th Annual Fire Protection of Rolling Stock Conference, in Berlin, Germany on 23rd and 24th February.

Held at the BerlinMarriott Hotel, this two-day event brought together key global rolling stock operators and manufacturers for an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities companies face in the field of fire protection. More than 15 companies exhibited at this year’s conference, which boasted 150+ attendees, of whom 70% were at management level. Attendees shared insights and ideas on industry advancements, Fire Safety standards, regulations, materials, equipment, methods, practices and research, gaining new ideas and inspiration for their particular companies.

This year’s conference was the first to be held live after last year’s online event. FirePro was present as an exhibitor, presenting the FirePro product line, as well as its advantages for protecting technical areas of rolling stock and railway infrastructure. The Exhibition marks the first physical event in Germany since FirePro achieved VdS certification for the FirePro condensed aerosol generators. This certificate from a leading certification body, such as VdS, is added to the long list of certificates, listings and approvals and further confirms FirePro systems’ compliance with the most advanced and stringent requirements.

FirePro extends its sincere gratitude to our local channel partners in Germany, as well as all the visitors to our stand who took the time to connect with us.