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Published on 11 April 2017

FirePro event in Spain

FirePro, alongside its partner in Spain, Sevo Sigas, successfully participated and presented at a local event in the town of Haro in northern Spain.

The event was hosted by the company SRF Professional Security, Rescue and Training, and the attendees included Fire Security Experts, Technical Managers, and Consultants from several prestigious fire and safety organizations, as well as officials from the local Fire Brigade. FirePro Business Development Manager, Mr. Nikolaos Argyropoulos, and Sevo Sigas Sales Manager, Mr. Roberto Hermida, presented the latest FirePro Technology to the 20 attendees.

Following the presentation, FirePro and partner Sevo Sigas also held a live fire extinguishing demo test of the FirePro Hero Manual Unit. A special 30m3 container was used for the demo test, with wooden pallets for burning material. The whole demonstration was recorded with the use of apparatus containing thermal cameras and thermometers. The test demonstrated the FirePro Hero units’ outstanding ability to significantly lower fire temperatures from 400°C to 75°C in a very short time-frame, and to extinguish fires temporarily. This creates a safe corridor which allows fire experts to approach and complete their job successfully.

A traditional tapas dinner followed the event, which provided participants with the opportunity to network with one another, and exchange ideas, thoughts and opinions.

FirePro extends its gratitude to Mr. Ricardo Oscarizo Ortabe, Commercial Director of SRF Professional, for his outstanding organization and hospitality, as well as his exceptional professionalism during the FirePro fire extinguishing demo test. FirePro also wishes to thank Sevo Sigas Sales Manager and FirePro partner, Mr. Roberto Hermida, for his support, assistance, and commitment to FirePro and its technology.