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Published on 30 November 2016

European SME week 2016

This month, FirePro participated in the celebration of CENELEC’s European SME Week 2016. European Standards help small and medium-sized enterprises reach new heights, and with this article FirePro explains why standards are important for any company.

FirePro is dedicated to researching, designing, manufacturing and distributing effective Fire Suppression Systems committed to people and the environment. The company, established in 1993, has built credibility by utilizing European and international standards and protocols, which ensures the quality and safety of their products. For FirePro, the relevant standards include ISO 15779 (Condensed aerosol fire extinguishing systems), CEN/TR 15276 (fixed firefighting systems).

FirePro became involved in European standardization as there were no existing standards that related to their technologies. Certain standards thus had to be established and harmonized across the industry, which in turn helped FirePro to optimize their technology and safety requirements.

One of the significant challenges FirePro faced during this process was lobbying from other technologies within the industry, and very high initial costs, as there were no other direct competitors to help to sponsor the effort. Standardization organizations however help aid the process, offering guidelines and protocols that make the procedure that much more efficient and effective. And in turn, standards help us win trust with our Consultants, Distributors, Partners, and Clients as well as the Government and Authorities.