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Published on 18 June 2018

Eastern Macedonia-Thrace Expo

FirePro was presented in this year’s Eastern Macedonia-Thrace Expo, held at the International Exhibition Centre of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace (DEKAMATH) in Komotini, Greece between 18th and 20th May.

The exhibition, now in its 25th year, actively supports business development and economic growth in the region promoting cooperation between the neighboring Balkan countries. It aims at highlighting the quality and competitiveness of Greek businesses involved in the production of local products. This year’s exhibition focused on the promotion of agricultural products and machinery, small industry products including food and beverage and the available types of tourist accommodation.

Firex, partner of FirePro in Greece, presented the entire FirePro product line to visitors thereby increasing their awareness of its applicability within and across industry. A live demonstration of the FirePro fire suppression helped to seal their understanding of FirePro technology’s effectiveness and capabilities. Special effort was made to emphasize the company’s dedication to Green Technology and Sustainability.

FirePro expresses its sincere gratitude to Mr. Nikolaos Stergiou and Ms. Vicky Kanakidou of Firex, for their support throughout the event and their ceaseless endevours to promote and develop the FirePro brand.