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Published on 15 October 2016

CYStandarDAY 2016

On the 14th October 2016, the Cyprus Organization for Standardization (CYS) held the “CYStandarDAY 2016” celebrations at Filoxenia Conference Centre, hall “Elia” in Nicosia, 9.30am – 12.40pm. Dr G. Gianfilippi De Parenti, Executive Director of FirePro Systems, was invited to address the World Standards Day Celebrations.

The celebrations were honored by the presence of Mr. Charis Georgiades, Minister of Finance and attended by a host of other industry leaders, executives and senior managers from the wider governmental sector, academicians, external associates of CYS from all sectors of the economy and society more widely.
Following the reading of the Global message by the International Organizations for Standardization ISO, IEC and ITU in which the message was: “Standards build trust” a number of presentations were made regarding various subjects:
•The work and the activities of CYS for the period 2015-2016
•The evaluation model for CYS external cooperators for their outstanding contribution and involvement in Standardization activities
•Good practices and benefits of Standardization in the fields of industry, education and research/innovation
•Appropriate terminology and Standardization in EU texts

To satisfy the increased demand for quality goods and services in today’s dynamic world, it is becoming ever more important for manufacturers of products as well as service providers to apply production standards, procedures and other quality controls. To expand on this subject Dr G. Gianfilippi De Parenti, FirePro Executive Director and an active participant in the meetings and workshops for international standardization, regulations, protocols and procedures shared the experiences he has accumulated over the years. He further outlined and explained the benefits derived by applying good practices and standardization in the fields of industry, education and research/innovation.

The team of FirePro Systems constantly seeks to foster safety and health by complying with the international standards and by sharing our experiences related to standardization of our industry.