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Published on 18 March 2016

Workshop with Tecnilab FirePro Portugal

On Tuesday 23/02/16 Tecnilab, the official partner of FirePro in Portugal, organized a Workshop at its premises. Some of the most well known companies coming from different market segments along with national authorities attended the seminar:


1. ADRETA PLASTICOS S.A. – Plastics Industry,
2. CLC COMPANIA LOGISTICA DE COMBUSTIVEIS S.A. – Combustible Logistics Company,
3. TST – Transportation Company,
4. COSEC – Compania de Seguro de Creditos S.A. – Insurance Company,
5. ARSENAL DO ALFEITE S.A. - Military Navy,
6. PANPOR – Produtos Alimentares S.A. – Bakery Industry,
7. AUTORIDAD NACIONAL DE PROTECAO CIVIL – National Civil Protection Authority



After the Workshop, participants visited a FirePro installation at Tecnilab premises and attended a live demonstration FirePro extinguishing test.

Tecnilab, is meticulously building up FirePro image by creating significant market awareness and penetrating into different market segments.