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Published on 05 May 2017

Iraq Energy Exhibition 2017

FirePro Iraq successfully participated in the fourth qualitative Iraq Energy Exhibition (IEE), held in Baghdad between 17th and 20th April.

The Exhibition, which was titled ‘Investment Towards Energy Integration in Iraq,’ was sponsored, amongst others, by the Iraq Ministries of Electricity, Oil, Planning, Finance, Science and Technology, and Trade. Since its inception in 2014, the IEE attracts a range of international companies and local experts in the field. Professionals come together to discuss strategies, investments and solutions for the electricity sector, and to help bridge the communication between the industry’s leading institutions and state owned companies, and the private sector.

FirePro was on hand at their exhibition booth throughout the event, presenting the entire range of FirePro Products and Solutions. Attendees had the opportunity to speak with FirePro representatives about the company’s achievements, as well as its aims and objectives. The representative of the Ambassador of Japan, Fumio Iwai, was amongst the high-profile attendees who visited the FirePro booth for a constructive discussion about the importance of fire safety and the ways in which the private sector can innovatively contribute to the electricity industry. A live demo fire extinguishing test was also presented to a large number of interested attendees.

FirePro extends its gratitude to the Iraq Ministry of Electricity, as well as the other sponsors, for their generosity and for organizing a well-thought-out, productive event. In addition, we express our appreciation to our partner Mr. Ayad Hameed and his team for the outstanding efforts throughout the exhibition and their commitment to FirePro and its technology.