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Published on 03 May 2017

FirePro wins European Quality Award

Throughout its history, FirePro has received national and international distinctions for innovation, design, quality and sustainability. Most recently, the FirePro Group was presented with an International Award for Quality, further strengthening the company’s brand worth.

This additional recognition is testament to the efforts made by FirePro’s Quality Management, Quality Control and Health & Safety personnel. The awards were presented at the European International Awards Ceremony held at Le Méridien Etoile in Paris, right across Paris Congress Centre and a few minutes from Champs-Élysées.

Industry awards of this nature are characteristically chosen by panels of fire protection specialists, health and safety experts and market researchers. Management leaders using their insight and expertise, are asked to recommend companies which operate both within the European framework as well as on a global scale, and which have displayed an “outstanding business trajectory and customer satisfaction record.” The International European Award for Quality Committee then selects nominees from the proposed organizations, based on their overall contribution and generated value in the global market.

The kudos bestowed upon the people behind FirePro’s Quality Management is well deserved for keeping people and assets safe across the 110 countries where FirePro systems have been installed. FirePro’s environmentally friendly compounds, premium quality, product reliability and first rate electronic components are set to lead the automatic fire suppression industry even further into a more sustainable future.