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Published on 08 December 2015

FirePro Peru Interview

La Cámara magazine in Peru, interviewed Mr. Guillermo Hussey, the General Manager of DEAL Representaciones S.A.C, our official partner of FirePro in Peru.

Q: How does FirePro Work?

Guillermo Hussey:The process of the formation and continuance of fire have been studied and it has always been recognized that it involved three elements, which are fuel, oxygen and heat. Removing one of the three, the circle is broken and the fire is extinguished.
Most of the existing extinguishing systems are extinguishing fire by either removing oxygen or by decreasing the temperature, however in addition to these three elements mentioned before, there is also a chemical chain reaction that produces oxygen and hydrogen ions that support combustion. By interrupting the chemical reaction, the circle of fire combustion is interrupted and therefore it is extinguished.
Thus, instead of using oxygen suppressors that directly affects living organisms or employ elements like water in order to minimize heat that would probably cause property damage, the use of FirePro comes to give a solution to all these troubles. FirePro not only does not cause oxygen depletion, but also does not affect the electric or electronic equipment or water-sensitive products such as books".