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Published on 21 April 2016

FirePro Iraq Training

FirePro –Iraq is unceasingly applying its efforts and resources to introducing and promoting the FirePro portfolio of solutions for protecting people and properties in all sectors of the Iraqi market.  

Notably, because FirePro solutions can address the transport industry's needs with efficient and effective fire protection for buses, cars, ships and trains the Ministry of Transportation in Iraq has requested a training session for their specialised engineers so that they become better acquainted with the FirePro technology

The session was held on 22nd March 2016 and proved to be such a resounding success that another one was requested and held on the 27th April 2016 for the benefit of the corresponding specialized engineers for the General Directorate of Projects in the Ministry of Transportation. 

The outcome from these sessions is that now the Ministry of Transportation of Iraq adopts and applies the FirePro technology for their particular fire protection needs.