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FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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Broadcast Solutions International

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The Client

Broadcast Solutions International (BSI) is a broadcast engineering and Information Technology company. As a broadcast systems integrator it provides solutions in the FM and TV market; notably in design, consultancy, equipment, studio construction, project management, outside broadcast, installations, maintenance and support as well as offering transmission hosting services. BSI currently serves numerous media houses across Africa.

Risks & Consequences

Operating systems and electronic equipment used in today's broadcasting technology have produced strong challenges to fire engineers and consultants. Potential fire risks are ever-present from malfunctions in the equipment, power generation, UPS, electrical controls as well as human error. Critically, fire incidents in broadcasting stations such as TV and Radio often impact negatively on the operational continuity and even threaten organizational Brand reputation and recovery plans.

The Task

Design, commission, install and maintain an advanced fire detection and suppression system to protect 3 state of the art Telecom Shelters. The fire extinguishing technology needed to be effective against multiple classes of fire, require little maintenance, be environmentally friendly and have a very small footprint since the space is minimal and highly utilised from other equipment. The systems needed to autonomously monitor and protect the substations from any fire incident. Various fire scenarios needed to be combated immediately in order to minimize damages. 

Why FirePro?

Firstly, FirePro technology is easily connected to conventional control panels and can remain entirely autonomous. Secondly, the patented FPC Compound technology found inside the generators remains environmentally friendly even after activation. Complementing this is the fact that the system has a 15-year lifetime cycle, no re-filling requirements and very low maintenance. Evidently, BSI’s fire engineers found FirePro technology as a great solution to multiple challenges and thus choose it to protect the Telecom Shelters and minimise the risk of disorder. This offers peace of mind to operators while at the same time it reinforces BSI’s Health and Safety approach. 

Results of Implementation

Fire detection and extinguishing systems were installed to all 3 Telecom Shelters by Trojan Fire Security experts. With no piping required, FirePro equipment was quickly installed across all enclosures. FirePro units have a 15 year operational lifetime while the generators require minimal maintenance. We provide a reliable and cost effective solution to tackle multiple fire hazards that can prove dangerous. At the same time our Green FirePro FPC compound remains safe for the environment even after activation thus reinforcing any eco-friendly efforts.  

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