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FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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How FirePro supports various industries and their involvement with fire


FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
Distribution Network


FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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The Client

Bioaerio Pellas is an EU Jessica sponsored biogas power plant operating in the province of Macedonia in Greece. It processes waste from pasteurized abattoirs, manure, vegetable and cheese waste from nearby food processing plants; transforming it into sustainable green energy. By-products include organic fertilizer that is distributed to local farmers, contributing to increased yields and environmental safety.

Risks & Consequences

The large quantities of biogas produced and stored in these facilities are highly flammable. A fire incident could cause devastating effects to the unit’s infrastructure and pose a serious threat to personnel. Fire risks can materialise from malfunctions in all types of electrical equipment. Substations and other electrical rooms that among other house electrical panels, all together contributing to the production process, are deemed critical and must therefore, be protected. Fire in this type of equipment can cause serious collateral damage and consequently threaten disruption to operations.

The Task

Design, supply, install, commission and maintain a reliable fire detection and rapid response fire suppression system for protecting the electrical panels that are part of operations. This system needs to be designed under European compliance parameters/standards and be effective against multiple classes of fire as the material for fuel in this project can vary. It is also critical that the system reacts swiftly so that the possibility of fire related disruption of assets is minimised in order for operations to resume as speedily as possible.

Why FirePro?

FirePro’s intelligent fire protection system can be integrated with the site’s existing control system architecture, enabling the identification of any fire alarm signal, in real time. During discharge, the system also effects a power and ventilation cut-off. Lastly, the FirePro fire suppression agent is safe to be released in the environment and does not detrimentally affect human health. The condensed aerosol generators have a 15-year product life, with minimal associated maintenance costs. Overall, modularity, efficiency and very high standards were decisive factors.

Results of Implementation

Bioaerio engineers chose the FirePro fire suppression solution since it fulfilsall the operational and technical specifications required for the project as well as a non-disruptive and low financial burden maintenance. FirePro Hellas personnel designed and carried out the installation within the specified time window. FirePro systems unobtrusively protect assets and of course people on a 24/7 basis. They are ready to spring into action, when called upon to suppress fire within seconds helping to reduce downtime to a minimum.

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