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FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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How FirePro supports various industries and their involvement with fire


FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
Distribution Network


FirePro system designs for its different applications across the world
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To make the world safer by effecting advances to the most efficient and environmentally safe technology in the fire suppression industry.

We are committed to Researching and Developing environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to fire protection challenges to guard people and what is important to them.
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Driving the future of fire suppression

FirePro designs, manufactures and distributes worldwide the environment friendly FirePro Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems. FirePro is the leading brand in the condensed aerosol fire suppression technology for the past two decades.

FirePro is part of Halma plc. Halma is a global group of life-saving technology companies with a clear purpose to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future for everyone, every day.

FirePro's Headquarters are located in Cyprus, EU, where our centralized resources are based. Our manufacturing processes use the latest methods in the production of both our patented FPC aerosol forming compound and the market leading FirePro systems.

Award winning technology

All processes follow ISO standards and requirements as well as rigorous in-house Quality Controls. Over the last 20 years our company has built a global distribution network covering more than 110 countries across all continents.

To date FirePro installations have been completed in more than 110 countries for a well-diversified portfolio of clients.

FirePro is registered under the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and certified to conform to the International Register of Marks maintained under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol.
Companies of all sizes - from startups to Fortune 500 companies - use FirePro as their preferred fire suppression system to safeguard their assets
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Vital in-house operations

To drive growth, FirePro departments work collaboratively with all links of the value chain to exceed expectations.

Research and Development

Constantly pushing the envelope of performance and resilience of our condensed aerosol generators, developing innovative systems such as the Velex and creating electronics for control and monitoring of FirePro systems.


In-house, fully equipped facilities facilitating fire testing to different fire scenarios as well as compatibility and performance testing for control and monitoring electronic equipment.

Manufacturing, Chemical & Mechanical

The cornerstone of FirePro operations, ensuing that each and every FirePro product and component, including the proprietary FPC, is manufactured in-house to industry-leading quality and delivery times.

Compliance and Certification

Working hand in hand with national and international listing and certification bodies to confirm that all FirePro products and manufacturing processes meet the highest standards.


Extending, through our channel partners, knowledge and experiences about system design, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting and aftersales support.

Globally Certified, Listed and Approved

15 Years Certified Lifetime

EPA Approved-Normally Occupied Areas

Clear vision with a strong leadership.

We are a company that understands the importance of the human factor in achieving success. We believe that the talent, dedication, and diversity of our team are critical assets that allow us to deliver exceptional results and growth.
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